Uitzendbureau voor orderpickers, magazijnjobs & productiemedewerkers
& ander personeel
Employed throughout the Netherlands
Wervingsfee 999,- euro
Vast tarief van 17,49 euro p/u
Full certification
Online registration and invoices
Liebr B.V. is een uitzendbureau voor orderpickers (inpakkers), magazijnmedewerkers en productiemedewerkers in heel Nederland. Wij werken enkel voor het midden- en kleinbedrijf. U kunt bij Liebr enthousiast en geverifieerd personeel inhuren. Liebr bekijkt samen met u welke mogelijkheden er zijn en welke aanpak het beste bij uw bedrijf en casus past. Liebr is enkel gespecialiseerd in het bemiddelen van orderpickers en magazijnjobs.

Finding the right temporary worker or freelancer for the assignment is a big job. That is why Liebr can be an important tool in this. Liebr is a specialist in the field of this mediation. Finding a professional who can temporarily step in to complete an assignment without a contract or employment with it is in good hands. The right person can always be found by looking at both the needs of the client and those of temporary or self-employed workers. This makes it easy to bring every order to the desired end.

Ultimately, Liebr's service can best be seen as offering professional continuity. In this way, the hired staff is assured of sufficient work and income. The client knows that his own clients can be satisfied thanks to skilled experts who solve the work. Without having to take very large risks with expensive new employees. After all, quality may cost something, but of course it cannot be at the expense of everything. This makes the use of Liebr services very attractive for all involved, from the client to the staff. Liebr thinks along with both the staff and the client at all times to come to a satisfactory solution in every situation.

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