At Liebr every workforce is not a number, but a unique person!

Register as temporary employee

Liebr is a temporary employment agency specialized in guiding people who want to work as temporary workers. During and after enrollment we collect all relevant information and we immediately look for a job that fits well with your wishes. Perhaps you are looking for a temporary job or you value the security of a permanent position. You may want to work in the evenings or just during office hours.

Everything will be arranged for you! If you are introduced to one (or more) of our clients, you will be regularly informed of the state of affairs. Based on our proposal, you can start immediately or it can be suggested to run a test day with the client.

We ensure that all agreements between you, Liebr and the client are properly discussed and put on paper, so that no misunderstandings arise about this. We also take care of the correspondence, the salary negotiations and all other necessary preparations. Of course, the agreements we have made with you always come first! All you have to do is ensure that you leave a good impression with the client.

Interested? Contact us via the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!



Register as a (starting) freelancer

As a self-employed broker, Liebr specializes in mediating existing freelancers, but also in guiding people who like to work as a freelancer or who already are freelancers. We help you step by step to assignments as a freelancer. Liebr has already helped hundreds of customers to the freelancing. Liebr takes care of the invoicing and has an extensive network of clients and a short payment term. The most important thing to take with you is: motivation! Are you already a freelancer? Send a short CV and hourly rate, then we will include you in our database.

Liebr offers a complete service by taking on the activities mentioned below. In doing so, you remain fully guaranteed.

  • - Debtor management
  • - Approved model agreements
  • - Weekly invoicing
  • - Mediation of multiple clients
  • - Free helpdesk


All freelancers of Liebr are responsible and responsible for the work performed. You discuss matters such as working hours and others directly with the client. The self-employed worker works independently and carries out the work as it suits him or her.



You walk with the idea of starting for yourself, becoming self-employed, but you are faced with the confusion of rules and do not know where to start? How do I manage my administration, invoices, assignments, finances, etc. etc. These are just a few questions that you are dealing with.

We, Liebr B.V. know the freelancing like no other and help you start and give answers to all your questions! Our experienced specialists help you start your own business so that you can start risk-free and responsible for yourself even without having to bring in your own money!

We help you with:

• Registration with the Chamber of Commerce.
• Registering Tax Administration.
• Setting up and running your administration.
• Offering assignments.
• You use our certifications.

Call without obligation with one of our account managers, for this you contact our head office in Amsterdam: 020-2101377. Or send an e-mail to info @ localhost. You can also fill in the contact form below.



Through liebr you can get acquainted with life as a freelancer. That is why you can work once without needing a so-called VAT number or Kvk registration. We arrange this via the IB47 number. See it as a trial period. As soon as your trial period is over and Liebr is indeed the adventure you were looking for, we will help you further towards entrepreneurship.






Complete the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible. If you want direct telephone contact, call the following telephone numbers: 020-21 01 655 (A'dam) or 010-26 13 363 (R'dam)